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Monday, November 22, 2010

A Mother Must Know What Happened To Her

The Case of Heather Teague

Heather Danyelle Teague was visiting a Kentucky beach to lie out in the sun on August 26, 1995 when something went awry. Someone decided to take Heather against her will from her lounge chair. The only eye witness was a man watching through a telescope who saw a bearded man snatch Heather up and drag her into the woods, to never been seen again. He later came forward to say that he thought it was a joke that her boyfriend was playing and did not think it was serious. The only known suspect, Marvin Dill was to be questioned a few days after Heather's disappearance, and before police could question him, he shot himself in the head.

Several years after the abduction of Heather Teague, there has been many questions about the disappearance and the inconsistencies in the witness statements and the police's handling of the case. One fact still remains.

Heather Teague is STILL missing!!!

There is a mother who will not give up searching for her daughter and what happened to her. Has there been a police cover-up? Was Heather Teague's abduction a planned event? Where is she? A mother must know what happened to her and to bring her back home to her family where she belongs.

Please review Heather's website and take a walk inside the mind of a grieving mother who cannot get on with her life because one of her children is "missing".

Someone knows what happened to Heather

Do you? 

If you do, please do the right thing and contact her family

If you know anything about the whereabouts of Heather Danyelle Teague and what happened on that fateful August afternoon, you are asked to PLEASE call the Kentucky State Police @ 1-800-222-5555, or you may contact her family at 270-824-8343 or you may email them@
You may remain anonymous if needed.

Remembering Heather Teague & Sueann Ray on August 26, 2008